The Backyard Games

Date: June 4th, 2016

Location: Green Mountain CrossFit in Berlin, VT

Finally an event designed specifically for Intermediate-level CrossFitters and Masters Competitors! The Backyard Games is a one day event held at Green Mountain CrossFIt's expansive indoor and outdoor facility. Building on the reputation of GMCF's Vermonster Challenge, this competitive, yet friendly and community-focused event is guaranteed to fulfill the needs of 40+ and 50+ athletes along with those interested in competing but not (yet) at the level of an Open-level competition. Please read below to learn more about the categories offered in this year's Backyard Games.

Intermediate CrossFitter: This division is for athletes who are either first-time competitors or are not quite ready for the weights and movement requirements of an Open-level competition, such as the Champlain Valley Winter Throwdown. The following is a general list of guidelines to determine if this category is for you:

  • You competed in the CF Open and had to either scale some or all of the workouts or were slowed down by some Rx movements
  • You often do your gym's workouts with less than the prescribed weights and movements
  • You have competed in other scaled competitions and did not nd up on the podium
  • Your barbell movements are fairly well developed, but not super heavy, or they are heavy and you have other significant holes in your game
  • Your gymnastics movements are still developing and you may unassisted pull-ups, muscle-ups, pistols or handstand push-ups
  • You enjoy pushing yourself in workouts but may feel a little intimidated performing with a judge and spectators

Masters 40+: This division is for experience CrossFit athletes between the ages of 40 and 49 who enjoy competition but get a little outgunned when competing against younger Open athletes. You will fit in perfectly if:

  • You've competed in the CrossFit Games Open and were able to do most of the workouts Rx
  • You do a fair number of your gym's workouts as prescribed and would be considered in the top third of the athletes you work out with
  • Your barbell movements are solid and you have the mobility to hit a full depth overhead squat with moderate weight
  • Your gymnastics movements are well-rounded, you can do handstand push-ups with a couple of ab-mats, but may not have muscle-ups
  • You are looking to compete against other athletes of your age without having to travel to Southern New England to do it

Masters 50+: This division is for CrossFit athletes 50 years and up who love CrossFit, are skilled athletes, and need some accommodations on movements because of limited mobility. The following statements describe our 50+ athletes:

  • You could meet all the standards of the 55+ workouts in the CrossFit Open, even if you are not yet 55
  • You don't usually do your gym's workouts as prescribed, but you love giving the younger crowd a run for their money
  • Your barbell movements are solid but you may not have a full depth overhead squat or perfect lockout in your overhead lifts
  • Your gymnastics movements are solid but chest-to-bar pull-ups, handstand push-ups and muscle-ups may not be in your repertoire
  • You are looking to compete against other Masters athletes and doing stuff that 99.99% of the population your age can't do