Clean Up! with Green Mountain CrossFit

Find the Foods that best fuel your body


Our Clean Up follows the recommendations of a nutritional cleanse called The Clean® Program (  This program, by Alejandro Junger, MD, was developed for people who were dealing with chronic and severe issues related to food, digestion, and organ function.  Understanding and assuming that no one participating in our Clean Up program is coming into this from a point of medical intervention, we hope that you will want to participate in this with us because you want to feel better in your body overall.  This will be a chance to change something.  Maybe it's a shift in the foods that you take in to your body, yes, but most likely your biggest experiential ah-ha moments will reveal conscious or subconscious behaviors that you may or may not want to carry forward with you.

There are foods that are on the OK list and foods that are on the list to AVOID.  The foods on the OK list are the foods that you will be asked to stick with through the length of your cleanse.  While the OK list is limited to certain foods, this selection is not a statement that other foods not on this list are bad for you, with maybe the exception of the obvious over indulgence of processed sugars.  The foods that are listed under the ones to avoid are foods that have been tagged as inflammatory foods, foods that many folks have sensitivities to, or foods that provoke a higher prevalence of allergic reactions.  The foods on the OK list are foods that have cleansing properties in their make-up and ones that have a low impact on the liver and kidneys.

Here's a basic list of those foods (a more detailed list awaits you!)

The Clean® Program Diet Overview by Dr. Alejandro Junger, MD

The Clean® Program Diet Overview by Dr. Alejandro Junger, MD

During your time on the cleanse you will eat three meals a day with little to no snacking in between.  Hydration is incredibly important and water and/or tea can be consumed at any time.  Your meal options are smoothies, soups and a main course (solid foods).  To follow The Clean Program specifically, two of your three meals are to be blended (your smoothies and/or soups) and one solid. There is a seemingly endless supply to recipes for all of these meals.  Your goal is to consume what you need during the day at these three meals.  Your exercise should not be affected if your caloric intake is satisfied.  

We would love for you to have a global understanding that this Clean Up program is not a fast, it's not a restrictive diet, nor is it a lose weight quickly way of eating.  This program gives you a better idea of how and why we eat the way that we do.  Undertaking a challenge of changing up your eating habits, no matter how drastic the shift, will instigate a reaction or response in your body and most likely your mind.  Your real work during this time is to acknowledge these reactions or responses and take note. You may actually find that the food that you eat has a profound effect on how you feel.  This is great information to have!

If in your research you notice that The Clean Program wants you to purchase their supplements and foodstuffs packets, please know that this is not something that we feel is required.  Yes, we would like to you find ways to consume all of your vitamins and minerals that are necessary and think probiotics are a great addition as well.  We also would like you to find ways to insert protein into your smoothies, but we want you to be creative.  Tearing open a packet does not encourage you to be creative! We do feel strongly that the foundation of any good diet is whole fresh foods.  The right nutritious whole foods can offer everything your body needs.  This program can offer you a way to realize which whole foods work the best in your body for what you'd like to do and then also help you find ways to prepare them.

Cady Hart-Petterssen, Certified Wellness Coach and Co-owner of Green Mountain CrossFit is the facilitator of the Clean Up!  Cady has over 10 years experience managing Wellness Programs for small and large organizations and is happy to bring this program to our local community hoping to ignite each individuals journey towards wellness.  She holds the most passion for coaching individuals towards their ultimate wellness vision.  For the Clean Up program, Cady will be your main contact person.  She will be conducting your Pre and Post Body Composition Analysis and will set you up with the information you need to participate. 

Britt Richardson, Stott Certified Pilates Instructor, has facilitated several clean eating and living programs for Green Mountain CrossFit over the past 4 years.  Her well rounded professional experience in Mediation/Conflict Management, Exercise and Nutrition gives her the capacity to work with individual's unique needs.  Britt will be supporting you by providing recipes and nutritional information, movement guidance, and motivation during the cleanse. 

Partnering with Green Mountain CrossFit to offer incredible community support, both Johanna LaPerle and Ashley Hetrick, Massage Therapists at Green Mountain CrossFit are offering $10 off a massage for participants for the duration of their Clean Up! 

Hunger Mountain Co-op is also on board with our program and will be offering incentives for those who participate.

You can choose how long you'd like to spend Cleaning Up your eating.  Choose 7 days to reset, 14 days to reboot, or 21 days to completely overhaul your system.  However long you choose, we will support you throughout.  Before you begin your journey, you will receive an information packet that will help set you on the right path.  Make sure to schedule your Body Composition Analysis to set a measurable starting point snapshot.  Once you've designated a start date, you will receive an email each day designed to prepare or support you for the journey ahead.  An invitation to our closed facebook support group will be sent to you.  This forum for exchange creates an informative and helpful way to talk to others who have or are Cleaning Up too!  At the end of your work, you can schedule a post cleanse snapshot meeting.  Here, details about how to approach your reintroduction of foods will be explained.  Cady, Britt and Sabrina will be available (additional fee may apply) for 1:1 support for this process as it is a much more unique adventure from person to person.

Group Informational Meetings can be organized if you have a group of people who are interested in the Clean Up with Green Mountain CrossFit Program.

Contact if you have any questions.