Wellness Coaching

Oryon and Cady

Oryon and Cady

Coaching you to a higher level of wellness

Licensed Wellcoaches.…

  • Are mature, experienced health and fitness professionals who have completed Wellcoaches® wellness coach training (endorsed by the prestigious American College of Sports Medicine)
  • Meet clients for 45-minute coaching sessions (weekly or as needed), with a depth of Wellness resources and support for at least three months
  • Coach clients to a higher level of wellness – whatever your priorities and challenges in any or all areas of fitness, weight, nutrition, stress, and health risks


What you do…

  • Complete a questionnaire about your current lifestyle, health, fitness, and wellbeing – which helps you think about where you’re at and what you’d like to change
  • Commit to a wellness vision, three month behavioral goals, and take small steps each week with weekly goals

Why coaching will help you reach and sustain a higher level of wellness…

  • Through thoughtful inquiry, insights, and advice, Cady will ask you to think deeply about why wellness matters to you, and then align your highest values and priorities with a healthier lifestyle
  • By holding you accountable to realistic behavioral goals that you choose, Cady will help make changes that last and reach your wellness vision
  • Through open and honest discussions, Cady will help you navigate around your obstacles and become confident that you can sustain a healthier lifestyle on your own

What Your Wellness Coach, Cady Hart will do…

  • Help you create a wellness vision, aligning what’s most important to you with your wellness goals … while finding strategies to deal with your unique challenge
  • Coach you to eat better, lose weight, manage stress, and exercise more
  • Help you make long-lasting changes through individual coaching sessions and a provide the encouragement you need to reach your goals, including a connection to the latest wellness information, tools and resources

Together we'll help you live a lifetime of high energy and wellness. 

What’s your vision for your wellness?

Individual Coaching Sessions

$50.00 per session


Three Month Package

$360.00 (9 Coaching Sessions Total)

Weeks 1-6: Coaching Session 1 every week

Weeks 7-12: Coaching Session 1 every 2 weeks


Interested in beginning your Wellness Coaching experience now? You can! 

Contact Cady to get started. She will send you a Well-Being Assessment and help you find a date and time for your initial session.

We look forward to supporting your goals in Wellness!

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