Crossfit Kids

Using activities that kids naturally enjoy, CrossFit Kids provides a fitness program that is safe, fun and energetic. At GMCF, our CrossFit Kids program uses a combination of skill practice, workouts and games to build strength and conditioning in children.

Following our gym’s mission statement to improve the quality of life for our members, our goal is to help children become the best possible version of themselves. We are committed to teaching children to become successful leaders while also promoting the importance of health and fitness in a safe and positive learning environment.

CrossFit Kids make fitness FUN.  In addition to learning new skills, you will notice your child makes better food choices, has greater confidence in themselves and their abilities, is more focused in school, transitions to new sports more easily, and has a reduced risk of sport-related injury.

The Skills We Develop:

Cardiovascular Endurance – Can you get enough oxygen to your body?
Stamina – Can you get enough energy to your muscles?
Strength – How much can you lift?
Flexibility – Can you touch your toes?
Power – How much work can you do in the least amount of time?
Speed – How fast can you go?
Coordination – Can you pat your head and rub your stomach?
Accuracy – Can you kick a soccer ball into the net?
Agility – How quickly can you change direction?
Balance – Can you stand on one foot? With your eyes shut?

CrossFit Kids Age Range

Ages 6 to 13

CrossFit Kids Schedule:

GMCF Central (Berlin) - Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:00 to 4:45


Drop-in Class - $12

5 Class Kid's Punch Card - $55 ($11/Class)

10 Class Kid's Punch Card - $100 ($10/Class)

New students can drop in on their first class for free - No risk!

First annual Kids' Gauntlet at this years Green Mountain Crossfit's Backyard Games!