GMCF Cross-Pollinator

GMCF Cross-Pollinator

Time to broaden your search for the perfect roster with Green Mountain CrossFit's inaugural Cross Pollinator three person throwdown. Teams will consist of three same-gender athletes, and at least one of the teammates must come from a different gym than the other two. Open Men's and Women's categories will challenge the experienced CrossFitters, and Men's and Women's Rec categories are perfect for the first-time competitor or the beginner-intermediate level athlete.

Cost: $225 ($75/Teammate)

Divisions: Open and Rec
Workouts: Three + Floater, and Finals for top Open Men's & Women's teams

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To volunteer as support staff for the day, email Mel at


"Pick Your Poison"

3 Rounds of 3 Minutes
Round 1: Thrusters
Round 2: Shoulder-to-Overhead
Round 3: Power Clean
Within each 3 min round, each athlete has 1 min to do max reps.
Weights will increase each minute in the following progression:

First Minute Weights:
Rec: 75/55

Second Minute Weights: 
Open: 155/105
Rec: 95/65

Third Minute Weights: 
Open: 175/125
Rec: 115/75

Each athlete must take a 1 minute turn with each weight

Tom, Dick and Harry are an Open Team. 
Bar is loaded at 135 and Tom takes the first minute, executing max rep Thrusters. At 1 min Tom stops, team loads bar to 155 and Dick does max rep Thrusters. At 2 min Dick stops, team loads bar to 175 and Harry does max rep Thrusters. At 3 min the team returns the bar to 135 and either Dick or Harry does max rep S-to-O. (Because Tom already had his minute at 135 he cannot do that weight again.) Workout continues until 9 minutes are done. By the end of the workout each athlete will have done one minute at each weight. By the end of the workout each athlete will have done one minute of each movement.

Teams will have a single bar and appropriate weights
Teams are responsible for loading their own weights
Score is max reps

"Nordic Nancy"

9 Rounds of...
400 m Run
15 Overhead Squats (Open: 95/65, Rec: 65/45)
Max Calorie SkiErg

Each athlete will do a total of 3 rounds of "Nancy"
While Athlete #1 runs, Athlete #2 does OHS
As soon as OHS are complete, Athlete #3 SkiErgs
When runner completes 400 m everyone rotates
After 9 rounds Score = Elapsed Time - (Calories x 2)

3...2...1...Go. Athlete #1 sets out on 400 m Run and Athlete #2 begins 15 OHS while Athlete #3 rests. After 40 seconds Athlete #2 finishes 15 reps of OHS and Athlete #3 begins to SkiErg while Athlete #2 rests. At 1:45 Athlete #1 finishes run, Athlete #2 begins run, Athlete # 3 rotates from SkiErg to OHS and the cycle continues. After 9 rounds, Elapsed time is 13:30 and total Calories achieved is 160. 13:30 minus 80 seconds is a score of 12:10.