Registration: Click Here

Cost: $120 per team

This is your chance to grab a partner of the opposite gender (or the same gender for the fun division) and do a day's worth of partner WODs together! This will be our first competition using the two person team format and we're looking forward to growing this to be a big yearly event.

There will be two categories: Open and Scaled

The Open division is designed for intermediate to advanced level athletes who would consider themselves good candidates to compete in the CrossFit Open. If you have successfully completed a full season of Open workouts in the Rx division you will be at home in this category. There will be a minimum of 3 workouts  that have no advanced gymnastics (HSPUs, Muscle-ups, Pistols) or prohibitive weights. Top teams will get a final workout where anything goes as far as movements and weights.

The Scaled division is for intermediate athletes who would feel at home doing the scaled version of the CrossFit Open. These are athletes who have good fundamental CrossFit skills but may not have more difficult movements like double-unders, squat snatches or unscaled pull-ups. All Scaled teams will get a minimum of 3 workouts for the day.

The unofficial "Fun" division is a subset of the Scaled category and will be accessible for all CrossFit athletes by making allowances for various levels of scaling.  This is perfect for beginner CrossFitters or Boot Campers who want to get their feet wet with a competition without having to worry about performing to specific movement standards.

Please note that partners are NOT required to be romantically involved, and there will be no kissing or hugging as required movements. Partners of the same gender are welcome to compete in the Fun division.