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1st of 3 Workshops Series: Yoga and Functional Movement for Crossfitters, Weightlifters, and other Athletes with Margaret Pitkin

In each of the 3 workshops in this series we will explore anatomy, address existing and potential injuries, build strength in vulnerable areas, and enhance flexibility for ease of movement and improved mechanics. Expect stretching, strengthening, movement education, and some self massage with balls or rollers in each class. 

Squat Therapy: Yoga and Functional Movement for the Hips Knees and Ankles 

So many weightlifting movements and movements we perform in our daily lives (like stair climbing) include the squat. Proficiency in pain-free squatting involves foot and ankle mobility and sufficient range of motion at the knee and hip joints coupled with good knee and hip alignment. We will explore all of these concepts and more in this 2 hour class. Come fix that broken squat, or polish up the one you’ve got, we can all use a little squat therapy!

Contact Margaret at margaretpitkin@gmail.com or 802-673-6815 to sign up

Cost is $30 per class or $80 for all 3, and GMCF members can take an additional 10% off

For more info head on over to www.margaretpitkin.com