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Register now for the 6th Annual Backyard Games! Saturday, June 2nd, brought to you by:

This competitive, yet friendly, community-focused event will feature an OPEN Division for Masters athletes aged 35+, a REC Division for intermediate athletes, and a Kid's Gauntlet where your child can run through a CrossFit Skills Obstacle course.  Each division will compete over the course of one day for the chance of eternal glory (or at least some cool prizes).

We are excited to have a great line up of vendors on site the day of, be sure to swing by their tents and some them some love!

If you want to participate as a Judge or Volunteer, scroll down for more information! We are always looking for teammates to help run the day!

Intermediate CrossFitter (ages 13+): This division is for athletes who are either first-time competitors or are not quite ready for the weights and movement requirements of an Open-level competition. The following is a general list of guidelines to determine if this category is for you:

  • You competed in the CF Open and had to either scale some or all of the workouts or were slowed down by some Rx movements
  • You often do your gym's workouts with less than the prescribed weights and movements
  • You have competed in other scaled competitions and did not end up on the podium
  • Your barbell movements are fairly well developed, but not super heavy, or they are heavy and you have other significant holes in your game
  • Your gymnastics movements are still developing and you may not have unassisted pull-ups, muscle-ups, pistols or handstand push-ups
  • You enjoy pushing yourself in workouts but may feel a little intimidated performing with a judge and spectators

Masters Open CrossFitter (ages 35+/45+/55+): This division is for experienced CrossFit athletes above the age of 35, who enjoy competition and may or may not get a little outgunned when competing against younger Open athletes. The higher aged divisions are for skilled athletes that may also need some accommodations on movements because of limited mobility. Masters Divisions will be broken down into age ranges 35+, 45+, and 55+.  We reserve the right to combine age groups if warranted due to registrations.
You will fit in perfectly if:

  • You've competed in the CrossFit Games Open and were able to do most of the workouts Rx, meeting the standards of your age group
  • You do a fair number of your gym's workouts as prescribed and would be considered in the top third of the athletes you work out wit
  • Your barbell movements are solid and you have the mobility to hit a full depth overhead squat* with moderate weight(55+ athletes may not have a full depth overhead squat or perfect lockout in your overhead lifts)
  • Your gymnastics movements are well-rounded, you can do handstand push-ups* with an ab-mat, but may not have muscle-ups (55+ athletes will not have HSPU)
  • You are looking to compete against other Masters athletes and doing stuff that 99.99% of the population your age can't do minus the travel to Southern New England to do it


Workout 1:

"Clean, Jerk and Jump"
Min 1: With a pre-loaded bar establish a 4 RM Clean & Jerk
With time remaining in minute: Max Burpees over Bar
Min 2: Rest and adjust bar loading
Min 3: Establish a 3 RM Clean & Jerk
With time remaining in minute: Max Burpees over Bar
Min 4: Rest and adjust bar loading
Min 5: Establish a 2 RM Clean & Jerk
With time remaining in minute: Max Burpees over Bar
Min 6: Rest and adjust bar loading
Min 7: Establish a 1 RM Clean & Jerk
With time remaining in minute: Max Burpees over Bar

Score = Sum of each bar weight for 4 Rounds + Total Burpees

Any style clean and shoulder-to-overhead lift is accepted
Reps are touch-and-go... Re-grip is allowed in hang
If all reps are not completed, score for that round is Zero
Weight can be added or removed at any time
Burpees are parallel to barbell, not bar-facing


Workout 2:

"Big Lug"
For Time...
150 m Run
30 Overhead Stationary Lunges w/Bumper
150 m Run w/Bumper Plate
30 Overhead KB Swings
150 m Run w/KB
30 DB Goblet Squats
150 m Run w/DB

15 Min Cap
Rec Weights: M - 35 lb / 16 kg / 35 lb - F 25 lb / 10 kg / 25 lb
35+ Weights: M - 45 lb / 24 kg / 50 lb - F 35 lb / 16 kg / 35 lb
45+ Weights: M - 35 lb / 16 kg / 35 lb - F 25 lb / 10 kg / 25 lb
55+ Weights: M - 35 lb / 16 kg / 35 lb - F 25 lb / 10 kg / 25 lb


Workout 3:

For Time... 
Buy-in: 40/30 Calorie Row
Then 4 Rounds of...
1 Climb Over Barrier
10 Toes-to-bar/Sit-ups
1 Crawl Under Barrier
10 Deadlifts
Cashout: 40' Seated Tire Drag

10 Min Cap
Row is 40 Calories Men, 30 Calories Women
Rec & Masters 55+ do Sit-ups, Masters 35+/45+ do TTB
Deadlift Weights:
Rec Weights: M - 135 / F 95 lb
55+ Weights: M - 135 / F 95 lb
45+ Weights: M - 185 / F 135 lb
35+ Weights: M - 225 / F 155 lb

As you all know, good judging is critical to running a great event.  Judging requires a good eye for movement, a knowledge of basic standards, and just as importantly - the ability to count!  If you know anyone at your gym (member OR coach) who would be a good fit, and would be interested, please have them reach out to our head judge at gary@greenmountaincrossfit.com

Judges will all get a free T-shirt, free food, and $60 for the day.  We are looking to fill 10 judging slots - so any help is appreciated.

Not around the whole day?  Do you still want to help, but Judging not your thing?  VOLUNTEER!!  Please contact our volunteer coordinator at cady@greenmountaincrossfit.com