Cole Pearson

Cole Pearson


 October’s Athlete of the Month hails from our North Location, Cole Pearson, self-described “Daddy, Nurse, Metal Head.” Cole and I got together ridiculously early one Friday morning before the 5:30 am class and chatted a while we did some “crossover symmetry.”

     Cole was born in Minnesota, and moved to Gillette, WY with his family when he was 6. Music helped to shape Cole’s path in life, first learning to play the piano, but later finding his true passion playing guitar. One of Cole’s first jobs was at Music World where he not only received guitar lessons but eventually gave guitar lessons and even held band practice. Cole even got first place in Music World USA’s  Guitar War!

     After High School, Cole and his band moved to Minneapolis where he supported his music career by working at a convenience store, he even “got robbed and stuff.” However, since all Metal Guitarist’s can’t have the same success as Dave Mustaine(Megadeath-Metalica) or Dimebagg Darrell(Pantera), Cole started framing houses. He moved to AZ and became a foreman for Red Mountain Contracting. When the market crashed in 2008, the construction industry took a hit and again Cole looked to make a career change. He decided to study nursing. He attended Vermont Technical College and S. New Hampshire University, receiving his BSN & RN. Cole now lives in Elmore with his wife, Malinda, and two adorable children, Jack and Vivian. He has recently taken on a position for Copley Hospital’s Wellness Team. Cole works with community members, employees and staff to promote a healthy balance in their lives through nutrition, physical activity and stress management. He also has assumed the role of Program Manger for Rise VT of Lamoille County, helping to encourage healthy life choices and fight childhood obesity. All this work ties in nicely with Cole’s own membership at GMCF. For the last 4 years, Cole has been a regular at the 5:30 am classes. He can usually be found in his regular spot at the front right corner of the gym. Cole’s favorite movements are back squats and deadlifts. 

     Through the career, family, and strength growth, Cole hasn’t given up on his music. He currently plays with a couple of bands, writing songs and shredding the guitar. I’ve attached a couple of links to some of his work with “Hell Priest” and “Green Chapel.” I have to say, they’re worth a listen! 

     I guess that will do it for now, so until next month…Everybody Has a Story.

Joanna Hull

Our monthly member highlight, Everybody Has a Story, brought to you by Melissa Snow. In our first edition, Melissa is sitting down with Central member, Joanna Hull.