When Megan first joined The Confluence three years ago it was through flat-out coercion. Like many, she had a friend who was doing CrossFit - Lauren Bailey - who was relentless in convincing her to come give it a try. Megan's first concern was not wanting to "bulk-up" and lose her feminine curves. After a steady diet of CrossFit and supplemental yoga, Megan is no longer concerned about those muscles starting to show through, and has since adjusted her views on what beautiful means to her. And she has found an additional bonus that her workouts have remedied her chronic back issues and helped her reclaim her pre-childbirth passion for fitness.

Megan has also been a participant in our working member program, initially serving as our working member coordinator and then transitioning into our Composter in Chief. Megan's business, Earthgirl Composting, is responsible for all of our paper towel composting. She loves the program and feels strongly that it makes our organization more accessible to the community.

In her pursuit of fitness at The Confluence, Megan has found a passion for the competitive side of CrossFit. While she was a cheerleader in grade school, the idea of competing in a sport has evolved as she gains more confidence and mastery of the skills. For Megan, the process of goal setting and competition with one's self has compelled her to sign up for both of our Vermonster events. Through this pursuit she has gotten past the "over-scaling" phenomenon and allowed herself to finish last in an occasional workout, knowing that it is a result of tackling harder movements and heavier weights.