Bob O'Keefe is one of our "OG" (Original Gang) members as he is about to start his 5th year with The Confluence! At 64 years of age, Bob (respectfully referred to as 'Robert ' on occasion) is one of our senior prodigies. We can all hope to be rocking barbell snatches and burpees when we get into our mid-60's. Bob found us through North Country Kettlebells, as he witnessed a kettlebell demo, tracked "G" down at our 188 River St. location and the rest was history. Since then Bob has cycled in and out of working with Mujib doing private sessions while maintaining a steady diet of CrossFit and some supplementary Fitness Flow. 

Bob has been a fitness buff since his mid-20s and finds that our group classes suit him best. Working out with a cohort provides a great spark for his motivation, while the constant reminders on form and technique coming from the trainers keep him safe. He finds that The Confluence provides its members with a place where they can define their own personal goals and paths towards fitness, vs. being in an environment where everyone gets molded into one type of fitness regimen. Bob has appreciated our attention on mobility and movement prep in our classes as it becomes more and more important for him to establish a good warm-up routine.

Bob's life outside of our gym involves a very dedicated meditation practice as he is involved in that pursuit as an instructor. He sees a distinct connection between the work he does during meditation and his CrossFit classes as both practices teach conditioning as a gradual change that takes place over an expanse of time. For Bob, neither endeavor is "something you do for a little while." We are happy to have the honor of Bob's presence with us for these last 4 years and look forward to many more!