Erika has been with The Confluence since our early days down on River Street, joining a month after her husband, Gary, just to get him to shut up about CrossFit. As it turns out, Erika has turned into what we refer to as a "Raging Zealot" member, consuming all varieties of class at all times of day. In fact, between Erika, Gary and their almost 7 year old daughter, Evelyn, their family is probably the most well represented crew here at the gym.

Erika first fell in love with the "work yourself into a pulp" mentality she could bring to the CrossFit gym as she has a history of such behavior as a track and field competitor through high school and college. The other thing that appealed to Erika was the weighlifting component as she loves to track those hard numbers and see the continuous improvements written out, clear as day. As we've expanded our class offerings she has found great joy in the Yin Yoga classes (Recover and Restore) taught by Hannah as it provides a nice relaxing balance to what she calls "the punk rock of exercise" ...CrossFit. 

While enjoying all that we have to offer, Erika points out that the big reason she keeps coming back for more is the underlying community support that permeates our culture. The fact that in all her classes there is a sense of team and an air of friendliness reminds her of her competitive team sport days where you're "all in it together." If you haven't met Erika you can identify her distinct war cry during heavy lifting sessions, or by the permanent grin she wears coming to and from classes.