Phillip recently set two milestones - his one year anniversary with us and being the ONLY person who has actually needed us to add some classes to his Unlimited monthly membership (you get 30 by default). This means that he averages more than a class a day, SEVEN days a week! And what have all these fitness experiences done for Phillip, you ask...

When he walked in for the first time, Phillip was recovering from some serious trauma - a ruptured abdominal aorta! After years of a high-stress lifestyle and a deficit of physical activity, his body decided to revolt and the surgeons had to crack him open and do some serious work. This left him with a ton of scar tissue, nerve damage and a host of prescription medications to rely on, but Phillip decided this was not the way forward for him.

After mucking around with the "gym up the hill" he decided The Confluence was the place to be, so he signed on full time, left the meds behind and dug into a steady diet of movement. Starting with Hannah's gentlest yoga classes he was able to start adding some of Merin's Fitness Flow goodness and eventually Boot Camp and Spinning. After a second attempt at CrossFit On-ramp in December he is now mixing in some CrossFit while continuing with all the other classes he loves (thus the 30+ classes a month). 

And back on the medical front, Phillip recently had his yearly post-trauma bloodwork done and the doctors claimed they had never seen numbers rebound as they did for him. We love Phillip for his amazing dedication and good spirit, and are thankful that he decided to replace the "unfriendly, unhelpful and un-personal" environment of his first gym with a trip downhill to find a place within our community.