Don is considered one of the "OC" (Original CrossFitters) as he joined up with us in December of '09 when we were just getting our legs. His first experience in a workout was getting crushed by a pregnant woman who was going heavier and harder on every movement of the day. It turns out he was side-by-side with Loralyn who will bruise anyone's ego, even well-along into pregnancy. Despite the fitness reality check, Don kept coming back, and back, and back and... well you get the picture. If there was ever a kool-aid drinker it would be Chandler as he went into full-bore geek mode, spending his waking hours watching videos, learning new movements and generally indulging in everything CrosssFit, all at once. And it paid off... Within 6 months he was asked to lead the Friday morning class for us as he had quickly shown prowess in both movement and in leadership.

Fast forward to today and you'll see Don still teaching, and still passionate about his practice. CrossFit has filled a void in his life left from years of competitive swimming, diving, soccer, surfing and snowboarding. Not only that, but Don's entire family has become ensconsed in our community. Some of Don's finest moments are when he hears about a new P.R. from his wife, Alison Lamagna, or as he watches his older daughter, Maya, perform a picture-perfect overhead squat. Having both of his daughters Maya and Violet growing up in a place where strong, confident and capable women abound, Don's appreciation for what CrossFit is all about runs far beyond just getting a good workout.

As a regular competitor in the Open and in local events such as The Vermonster, Don has found a deeply humbling side to his CrossFit practice that has him focused on killing off weaknesses while enjoying the thrill of every 3...2...1...Go! Being involved in competitive events has brought back those days of pre-race butterflies - something he never thought he'd get back to. We love Don's passion for fitness and feel honored to have his family as such an integral part of our community.