Fit 4 Life

Fit 4 Life is a class for people who are new to exercise or who haven't undertaken any regular exercise in quite some time.  People who are fairly deconditioned, coming out of a physical rehabilitation program or people who are living with or at risk for cardiovascular conditions or diabetes may be good candidates for this class.  Anyone interested in the class should get cleared to participate in an exercise program by their primary care provider prior to joining the class.  The class encourages a supportive environment where those new to fitness and exercise can feel comfortable and empowered to feel better about themselves inside and out.  A variety of body-weight movements and exercises involving small weights will be introduced that can easily be modified to fit the particular needs of each participant.

Fit 4 Life is taught by Kerry McCarthy, a Physical Therapist and Crossfit trainer, who understands the needs of those new to exercise.  She understands the importance of regular exercise as part of a person's overall state of wellness and is passionate about helping people incorporate movement into their lives.  If you are curious at all about adding exercise into your life, come check out a Fit 4 Life class or shoot Kerry an email!

Time: Tuesdays 5:30-6:30 pm and Fridays 4:00-5:00 pm
Location: The Barn at Green Mountain CrossFit Central
Drop in class: $14
5 Class Punch Card: $60
10 Class Punch Card: $100

For more information please contact Kerry at