The workout structure,  motivation, community and nutritional support you need to change your life!

This 4 week series is designed to take ANYONE from their baseline fitness level and propel them forward in strength, cardiovascular fitness, mobility, body composition and more. Our 12 classes will each be unique, engaging, hard work and fun. Movements will be functional (no trendy gimmicks - just real-life stuff like lifting, throwing, squatting, jumping, etc.) Each workout will have many methods of customization available.

Thoughts from a recent graduate...

"I signed up for GetFIT at GMCF because I was stuck in a rut.  I was already physically active, but spent most of my time doing strict cardio like running, spinning, hiking, etc.  I wanted to start doing more strength training, but I didn’t know where to start.  A friend recommended CrossFit, but at the time that seemed daunting and I wasn’t ready to make the commitment.  So I joined the GetFIT series instead knowing that I would have the option to transition into the CrossFit classes upon completion of the series and an additional lifting class.   

The GetFIT classes definitely took me out of my comfort zone, but in a good way.  I started lifting weights that I never would have picked up on my own.  Doing movements that I never knew existed.  And completing workouts I didn’t think I could do.  The trainers put time and effort into explaining all elements of a movement with technique, scaling, and practice.   There was a large emphasis not only on getting the workout done, but getting it done right.  Every class was unique and every class was challenging.   An added bonus to the good workout was getting to know the other participants in the class.  It was great to have the encouragement from the group, as well as a little friendly competition to push a little further. 

The GetFIT series definitely pulled me out of my rut.  Once it was completed, I immediately took the lifting seminar and jumped into the CrossFit classes.  Five months later, I’ve never had a boring workout, and I’ve done things (like climbing a rope) that I never thought I could do.  I would recommend the GetFit series to anyone looking to start or restart their exercise routine, and anyone who may just be looking to try something a little bit different." - Tracey Ullom


Most of our classes start with movement preparation where we use yoga, pilates, pre-hab and other strategies to work on mobility, flexibility and stability within our joints. This leads into active warm-ups where we get the blood flowing, practice some of the movements of the day and generally prepare ourselves for the hard work ahead.

Movement instruction is a part of every class and is led by our CrossFit certified professional trainers who have dedicated their careers to helping people move better. Each class covers a different selection of exercises and after 12 GetFIT classes you will be well-versed in the movements of CrossFit

Workouts will be balanced, thoughtfully designed efforts ranging from long, endurance-focused work to shorter strength and stamina-focused work. Everything is done at YOUR speed and nobody gets left behind.

Along the way we will discuss the topic of transitioning into our CrossFit classes and you will be given the opportunity to sign up for a 2 hour BarbellFIT class that will round out the prerequisites to joining that program. Moving into CrossFit classes is NOT required as the GetFit program can be taken as many times in a row as you choose.


  • 4 Week Series - Total of 12 classes - Recommended 3 classes/week
  • Flexible schedule - Choose M/W/Sat or T/Th/Sat, or customize for your needs
  • M/T/W/Th 5:30-6:30 pm and Saturday 8 or 10:30 am at Berlin Location
  • M/W 6:30-7:30 pm and Saturday 9 am at Morrisville Location
  • $150 for full series unless you attend a free class to receieve a $77 Coupon


You can jump right in at any point as our series is designed to be started when you are ready. From the moment you register you can begin attending your 12 classes. 


Your first class is free if you sign up below. After class you will be provided with an explanation of our programs, an opportunity to ask questions, AND a limited chance to enroll in the GetFIT program for only $77 (normally $150).