Movement Library

The following is a list of the primary movements we use in our classes at GMCF. While not EVERY movement you will see, these are the ones to understand, practice and master if you are seeking comprehensive fitness.



The baseline movement - a good squat is foundational to everything we do in CrossFit that involves your hips.


Executed with a barbell, dumbbell, Kettlebell or any other weighted object, this squat variation both loads the movement while encouraging an upright torso and engaged thoracic spine.


The most challenging of the squats, this variation places emphasis on overall mobility through the ankles, hips, thoracic spine and shoulders.

Shoulder Press

The most basic of the shoulder-to-overhead movements, this can be executed with a barbell, 2 dumbbells or 2 kettlebells. Also referred to as Strict Press.

Push Press

Built upon the same mechanics of the Shoulder Press, this movement promotes use of the legs and hips to accelerate the barbell, allowing for heavier loads.

Push Jerk

Third in the shoulder-to-overhead progression, the Push Jerk begins to teach the concept of using legs and hips to power the initial movement, and then using a quarter squat to "catch" the load and again using legs and hips to finish the lift.


The safest, and most effective way to pick up any load from below the knee. The Deadlift is foundational to many movements that start from the ground.

Medicine Ball Clean

A terrific movement unto itself, this also serves as a training tool for more complex barbell movements like the Squat Clean. Often referred to as the Med-Ball Squat Clean, this will teach the principle of moving loads with the large muscles, while teaching quick changes in direction to "catch" the lifted object.

Sumo Deadlift High-Pull

A transitional movement that teaches how to accelerate an object with the large muscle groups, and promotes the concept of "core-to-extremity" movement which can be seen throughout our most commonly used exercises.