The Foundation is Nutrition


Our Health, Energy, and Performance all start here.

What we choose to fuel our body with impacts each and every aspect of our lives. Prioritizing your nutrition is the key to looking and feeling your best!


Take your Health, Nutrition, and Performance to the next level with one of our Customized Nutrition Programs:

We Offer:

  • Programs that take a whole-person approach, meeting you wherever you are to move towards your goals.
  • Assessments of nutrition, body composition, lifestyle, fitness, and other factors to create individualized plans.
  • Thoughtful and realistic suggestions to make sustainable changes and create healthy habits to last a lifetime.
  • The accountability of working 1:1 with a knowledgeable and supportive coach. 
  • A focus on whole foods, loving what you are eating, and feeling confident in your food choices to look and feel your best.
  • The flexibility and ability to assess your body's responses and adjust plans as necessary to see results.
  • Follow-up appointments in person or by phone.
  • Science-based nutrition to meet your specific needs and goals.


Not sure which Customized Nutrition Program is the best fit for you?

Schedule a free 15 minute consultation to discuss your goals, meet your coach, and find the right program for you!



Healthy Habits:

3 Weeks of Coaching


Ready to make some healthy changes, but not sure where to begin? Start here!  

                                                              This 3 week program takes small, easily attainable steps towards better nutrition and your health and wellness goals.  It is also a great option for individuals looking for guidance on navigating a dietary change or food sensitivities, improving digestion and overall gut health, or kicking those sugar cravings for good.


  • 60 minute initial consultation

  • Big picture goal setting with manageable action steps.

  • Guidance on meal planning, preparation, and cooking.

  • Availability of coach via email for added support.

  • Optional 3-5 day food journal review

  • 2-15 minute follow-up appointments.

  • Body Composition Analysis available as an add-on for $15 and highly recommended

Customized Nutrition:

6 Weeks of Coaching


Feeling committed to creating healthier habits and dialing in your nutrition to reach your goals?  You're in the right place!

This 6 week program offers an individualized nutrition plan customized to your body composition, lifestyle, activity level, and goals.  It gives you the time, support, and individualized attention to begin cementing habits, see results and create lasting change.

                                                        Includes everything in the 3 week program plus:

  • An individualized nutrition plan customized to your body composition, lifestyle, activity level and goals.

  • 2 Body Composition Analysis- before and after.

  • Comprehensive review of written or visual food journal.

  •  Additional 30 minute follow-up appointment to discuss your body's responses, adjust your plan as necessary, and keep motivation high

Whole Health:

9 Weeks of Coaching


If you are looking to optimize your health or performance in the gym, this package is for you!

Our 9 week coaching program takes multiple approaches to address nutrition, wellness practices, athletic performance, and habit change to set you up for success! It also features extra 1:1 support from your coach as an accountability partner. 

                                                        Includes everything in the 3 and 6 week programs plus:

  • Movement, habit, and wellness practice recommendations to compliment and optimize your nutrition plan.

  • Nutrient timing, athletic recovery, and appropriate supplementation suggestions as needed.

  • Availability of coach via text message for added accountability, motivation, and support.

  • 3 additional 30 minute follow up appointments with bi-weekly check-ins and longer appointments to maximize results.

Many conditions for which detailed nutrition advice is needed require medical diagnosis first. These include but are not limited to high blood cholesterol, diabetes, severe food allergy or sensitivity, high blood pressure, certain digestive problems, disordered eating, osteoporosis, severe kidney disease, cancer, and obesity. Pregnancy and lactation are also times when medical nutrition advice is recommended. Consultation with a medical expert is recommended in these cases. 


Once you’ve completed a coaching package, you may decide that you could benefit from continued support, motivation and troubleshooting.   We’re here to help for the long haul!


30-Minute Follow-Up Sessions

Single session: $35

Package of three sessions: $100

Package of six sessions: $190


45-Minute Follow-Up Sessions

Single session: $50

Package of three sessions: $140

Package of six sessions: $270


What can I expect in my first appointment?

Prior to meeting, we will send you a questionnaire to help us get started when we meet.  During your first visit, we will get some baseline information from which we will plan your program.  Together we will create some health and lifestyle goals that fit your life. You’ll start off with a preliminary program, which we can fine-tune until it is something that can be sustainable for the long haul.


We always take your likes, dislikes, family needs, and healthy, lifestyle habits into account when designing a nutrition plan. The plan and the process must fit into your life or you will not be able to maintain the changes long enough to meet your health goals. Having said that, there is always some level of commitment on your part to make the healthy changes that you will need to improve your health.