The Open Door program is supported by the Andrew McHugh Scholarship Fund. The mission of this fund is to open the doors of Green Mountain CrossFit to our greater communities regardless of financial means.


Our vision is to maintain a scholarship fund that provides the opportunity for members of our communities to join Green Mountain CrossFit.  Recipients of the scholarship will have the desire to participate in the programs offered but may not otherwise have the financial ability to do so. 


Any candidate that is accepted into the Open Door program will be eligible to receive full or partial scholarship to attend classes at either of our Green Mountain CrossFit locations - Berlin or Hyde Park. The length and amount of scholarship is based on two criteria - Attendance and Need, in that order. Candidates that meet the attendance expectations will continue to receive financial benefits to make our membership fees affordable. If attendance is satisfactory, the scholarship funds will be distributed based on financial or personal needs.


  1. Anyone accepted into the program will begin with a complimentary 12 Class series called the GetFIT program

  2. If the participant attends 6 GetFIT classes they will be given a complimentary registration for our Barbell Skills Seminar

  3. After attending all 12 of the GetFIT classes the participant will receive a complimentary 3 Month Unlimited Class Membership

  4. If the participant averages 2 or more classes per week for 3 months they will receive a 6 Month Unlimited Class Membership

  5. At the end of this process (about 12 months) the participant will be able to re-apply for ongoing support with membership fees


To nominate someone for the Open Door Program, or to nominate yourself, please fill out the following form. Once submitted we will follow up with a short survey to the nominee to gather some information to help us consider the need.

Please use the form below to begin the process…

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