One-on-One Personal Training

Our staff of professional trainers are here to help you efficiently accomplish your fitness goals. In our one-on-one training session we will determine exactly what it is that you want to achieve and set a program in motion that will make it come true. There is no faster way to gain momentum in accomplishing your health and fitness objectives than through our focused, individualized training sessions where everything we do is centered around you.

One-on-one Rates:

One-Hour Personal Training Session - $70

5 One-Hour Personal Training Sessions - $300 ($60/session)

CrossFit Skill Training

CrossFit is a physical and mental journey in the art of fitness. As an athlete endeavors to gain proficiency in the sport of CrossFit they will inevitably encounter challenges that require more individualized coaching. Whether it's finally getting that first Pull-up or dialing-in that ideal position in the Snatch, these short and focused sessions will help you get over those difficult hurdles.

CrossFit Skill Training RATES:

30 Minute Session - $40

Five 30 Minute Sessions - $175

Small Group Personal Training

Nothing is more fun and fulfilling than working out with your closest friends. Our Group Personal Training allows you an affordable way to get personalized instruction in a social environment. These sessions are designed for groups ranging from 2 to 16 individuals and scheduled during times when your crew can make it in together. Our trainers will tailor your program to satisfy the needs of your entire group. 

Small Group RATES:

One-Hour Two Person Training Session - $90

One-Hour Small Group (3+)Training Session - $120