Alright everyone - today's work will mostly be done with a partner.  It's difficult to maintain all the things we look for in some of these positions, so your partner will be incessantly reminding you of what's falling off your radar.  After the warm up, you will work with your partner in an "I go, you go" format where each of you complete the required number of reps/set before moving on.

Our focus today is on "straight arm strength" - which means after the warm up, you could go the entire class without bending your elbows.  This shifts the work to the central structures of the body, and allows us to really dig in to some of those stabilizers.  Have fun and we'll see you in class!

Warm Up:

Handstand Skills:

  • A) Scapula push ups 2x10 (first set against wall)
  • B) Prone body line drill 2x1:00 each

Hanging Skills:

A) Arch Hang 2x5

B) German Hang - 2x 30 seconds

Strength: 20 minutes with a partner (I go, you go format)

  • 5 Scapular push ups (2 sec pause at top)
  • 3 Chest to wall handstands (5 second hold)
  • 3 reps arching hang or 6 hanging shrugs (each with 2 second hold)
  • 20 seconds german hang