2 Rounds
1 Min Pass-throughs (straight and rotational)
1 Min T-Spine on Roller or Lax Ball

3 Rounds of Tabata

  • PVC Overhead Squat
  • Russian KB Swing
  • Alternating Plank Reaches
  • Wide Grip Passive Hang
  • Jump Rope


  • Burgener Warm-up

Drill 4 Upcoming Movements
Practice Slow PVC Squat Snatch (10 Seconds for full movement)

30 Min E2MOTM
Perform 2 Slow-mo Squat Snatches w/PVC after each set
Use Racks and partner up if needed

3-3-3 (Light)
Snatch Grip Shoulder Press 

Rest 2 Min

3-3-3 (Medium)
Snatch Grip Push Press 

Rest 2 Min

3-3-3 (Medium Heavy)
Snatch Grip Push Jerk

Rest 2 Min

3-3-3 (Heavy)
Snatch Balance 

Scaled: Keep it very light