(Mobility/Fun/Gymnastics Skill/Short Metcon)

Movement Prep: (10 Min)
Hollow Body Tension Drills

NOTE - Choose partners, use the floor mats for cushion, have folks go through 2 rounds of each movement with 20 - 30 seconds of work each person

Warm-up: 2 Rounds of (10 Min)
1 Min Jump Rope
10 Stride Stance Good Mornings
10 Cossack Squats
10 Russian KB Swings
10 Push-ups
200m Row

Fun: Hooverball (10 Min)

NOTE: Many rule options - we usually run this with passing allowed. If you have a large class add a second ball. Use 6 pounders only. Play multiple short games and switch teams around.

Gymnastics Skill: (10 Min)
Handstands / Handstand Push-ups

NOTE: We will use Gary's progression from Trainer Summit - Headstand with knees on elbows, Headstand with spotter, Headstand to press from box, headstand to press from ground against wall, Headstand to free standing handstand. Athletes do each step of progression, repeating level that is comfortable for them.

Workout: (20 Min)
Deadlifts (225/155)
Handstand Push-ups

NOTE: Encourage people to use the skills they just practiced within workout. This should be sub 10 minutes for everyone.

Light Bar and Box Handstand Push-ups