(Short Strength/Partner Metcon)

Warm-up: (10 Min)
2 Rounds of
1 Min Inchworm Complex
10 See Saw Steps
10 Ring Rows
10 Goblet Squats
10 Sit-ups
1 Min Jump Rope

Strength: (10 Min)
3 Rounds
6 Half Kneeling Bottom Up Kettlebell Press (each arm)
12 Side Plank w/Reach

NOTE: Press: Side plank w/reach is where we take free arm and rotate under the armpit. These can be done from elbow or hand and are 6 per side.

Conditioning: (35 Min w/Setup)
Teams of 3 or 4
Row 5000/4000 Meters (rotating every 250 meters)
Partner 1 Rows
partner 2 Holds Deadlift (225/155)
partner 3 Holds Kettle Bell Goblet Squat. (70/55)

NOTE: With team of 4 you will have an extra DL bar, KB and rower and 4th person jost rotates with threesome. 4000 for women, 5000 for men, somewhere in between for mixed groups. This is a workout where athletes should divide up by Deadlift weight to minimize bars needed.

Light Loads