(Mobility/Other Skill/Medium Metcon)

Movement Prep: (5 Min)
10 Hanging Shrugs
10 Scap Push-ups
10 Scap Ring Rows
2 Min Banded Ankles

NOTE: Split class with half on ankles and half on shoulders - switch at 2 min.

Warm-up: (15 Min)
Run/Row/Ski 400 Meters then
3 Rounds:
10 Hollow Rocks
10 Supermans
10 Air Squats
3 Wall Walks
Run/Row/Ski 400 Meters

Skill: (10 Min)
Ski Erg

NOTE: Cover basics then run a Tabata timer and cycle everyone through machines, switching every interval. Use athlete down-time to provide some specific feedback on technique. Common flaws: Not enough Squat, too much squat, too much follow through, too much reach at top, leading with hands instead of chest, hinging at hip (bowing) instead of crunching.

Workout: (30 Min w/10 min setup and organization)
4 Minute AMRAP
Wall Balls (20/14 @ 9')
Chest-to-Bar Pull Ups
Time remaining: Max Cal Row/Bike/Ski

Rest 4 minutes

Wall Balls (20/14 @ 9')
Max Cal Row/Bike/Ski

Rest 4 Minutes

Wall Balls (20/14 @ 9')
Max Cal Row/Bike/Ski

**Each Round Choose a Different Max Calorie Exercise

NOTE: Organize ahead of time who is going to what machines on each round. Also emphasize intensity for those 4 minutes - LOTS of rest between so go HARD! With a class that exceeds amount of machines you can stagger start by 2 minutes and that will free up machines for the 2 minute stagger group. Time permitting you could do a full 4 minute stagger to keep logistics easier, but that will add 4 minutes to class time.

Light WB