(Mobility/Long Strength/Short Metcon)

Movement Prep: (10 Min)
3 Rounds...
5 KB See Saw Step (Each leg)
5 KB Windmill (Each arm)
15 Seated Banded Hip Abduction w/1 sec pause

NOTE: KB See Saws have single KB held hanging in hand opposite the balancing foot. KB swings out as torso tips forward until KB is over toe, then return to standing. Do five on one side before switching sides. Use same KB for Windmill (neither should be heavy). Seated abduction is with mini bands sitting on a box - like our banded walking only seated. Pause for one second at the widest knee position.

Warm Up: (10 Min)
2 Rounds...
15 Sit-ups
15 Russian Lunges
15 Burpees
200m Row/Run/Ski

Strength:  (20 Min)
14 Minute E2MOTM
20m Single Arm Overhead KB Carry (2nd KB in rack)
20m Weighted Box Push - Heavy

NOTE: Have three teams divided lighest box-pushers to heaviest. Load boxes so they are challenging to push (150lbs min?) Each athlete on team does one down and back, each 2 minutes. KB gets switched to opposite arm at the turnaround.

Conditioning: (20 Min w/12 Min for workout)
3 Rounds for time...
7 Burpee Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups
50 Air Squats
10 Hang Power Snatches (115/80)

NOTE: Have scaled athletes set up for a jumping pull-up and then they do burpees on the ground, climb to their station and do a jumping pull-up for each rep. Take time to cover Hang Power Snatches in full.

Burpee Jumping Pull-ups, Light bar