(Mobility/Short Strength/Medium Metcon)

Mobility: (5 Min)
Scap Series

Warm-up: (15 Min)
2 Rounds of...
2 Inchworm Complex
4 KB Teapots (Each side)
6 Weighted See Saw Step
8 Push-ups
10 PVC Overhead Squats
200m Row/Ski/2X Bike

Burgener Warm-up

Strength: (15 Min)
8 Min E2MOTM
7-7-7-7 Hang Power Snatch

NOTE: Experienced athletes can work on the dismount flowing right into the next rep. Beginners should reset each rep. With higher rep scheme weigths will be lighter and probably only needs one or two warm-up rounds before working sets.

Conditioning: (25 Min with 15 Min for workout)
3 Rounds for time...
500m Row
25 Overhead Squats (45/35)
5 Ring Muscle-ups

15 Min Cap

NOTE: With a busy class you can have some people start on OHS. Sub 10 Ring Rows + 10 Dips for MUs.

250m Row, Goblet Squats, 10 Ring Rows + 10 Leg-Assisted Ring Dips