(Mobility/Fun/Gymnastics Skill/Short Metcon)

Movement Prep: (10 Min)
6 Minute Tabata w/ Partner and Band...
Lateral Shuffle
Rotational Row
Rotational Press
* Switch w/Partner after both sides completed of each movement

NOTE: Teach and practice each movement ahead of time. Then first two 20 sec. intervals Athlete 1 does shuffle - one side then the other. Then Athlete 2 comes in and does shuffle next two intervals. Then keep same flow for next two movements. General rule of band choice would be red for ladies and blue for guys, but this is the first time we've done these so we will know more afterwards.

Warm-up: (15 Min)
With a Partner...
400 m Row/Inchworm Complex
30 Partner Med-ball Sit-ups
20 Partner Med-Ball Squat Toss
10 Partner High-five Burpees
3 Rounds - 10m Banded Broad Jumps

Fun: (5 Min)
3 Min Dodgeball

Strength: (10 Min)
20 Second Hold
L-sit (Parallettes or Boxes)

NOTE: Shoot for straight legs on these - even if they are not even close to 90 degress at the hip. The higher boxes should be high enough to allow for straight legs and 20 seconds. Folks can pair up in a busy class to share gear.

Workout: (20 Min with instruction and set-up - 10 Min for workout)
Kettlebell Snatches (32/24)
Kettlebell Overhead Walking Lunges (32/24)

NOTE: Snatches can be done in sets of whatever, unless DBs are used and then it is alternating. Overhead walking lunge can be scaled to a goblet lunge or an unweighted walking lunge. If going overhead, it is one-arm and switches can happen at any time, but lunging must stop during a switch. In a busy class you can do stationary lunges.

DB Snatch, unweighted Lunges