(Long Metcon)

Warm-up: (10 Min)
Parther Med-Ball Toss

Strength/Fun: (10 Min)
Heavy Box Pushes

NOTE: Setup 3 box stations with a stack of 45s next to one, 25's next to another and 15s next to third. Have group self-divide to box they want to work with. After each person does a down and back with one weight, add another and everyone tries again. Go until box is very heavy - if people get outclassed on a weight they can team up with a second person. If you have time, keep adding weight until EVERYONE has to partner up with someone to make the round trip.

Workout: (40 Min)
30 Minute AMRAP
Row 250 Meters
20 Med Ball Sit-ups
15 KB Sumo Deadlight High Pull
10 Med Ball Thrusters

NOTE: Plan on covering SDHP with everyone as newcomers will need to instruction and old-timers will need a refresher. With Med-Ball Sit-ups, people can use their KB to pinch toes under if they are having difficulty with feet leaving ground. MB Thruster is just as it sounds, paying attention to a good overhead position - encourage a half-second pause at the tyop to get prople into proper lockout with middle of ball stacked over the shoulders. Start people spread out on movements too share rowers.

Slow and Light