Mobility/Fun/Gymnastics Skill/Short Metcon

Movement Prep (6 Minutes including explanation/demo):
1 Min Butcher's Block Stretch
1 Min Skin-the-cat Hang
1 Min Wrist Mobility

NOTE: We have officially renamed German Hang to Skin-the-cat Hang - no need to support the torture practices of the Holocaust! For larger class, break group up into three parts and cycle through. Pause clock for transitions so people can set up for a full minute.

German Hang:

Butcher's Block Stretch:

Wrist Series (First 2 will be all you can do in a minute):

Warm-up (7 Minutes):
Partner Med-Ball Warm-up
NOTE: Keep this brief since Fun piece is additional warm-up

Fun (9 Minutes):
3 Rounds of Partner Rowling

NOTE: Partner 1 Rows, shooting for 100m. Partner 2 does penalty meters. Then switch. Give a different penalty movement for each round (add 2X or 3X for movements that go fast. Change meter target each round to keep challenging.

Strength (15 Minutes for Demos/Setup/Execution):
8 Min. EMOTM
5 Handstand Push-ups
Choose scaling that you can sustain for all 40 reps
NOTE: I encourage people who can get back to wall handstands and even small range of motion to do that version with a stack of ab-mats to use as depth gauge (not to carry their weight). There is great benefit to being upside down and finding good hollow position and we already have many shoulder-to-overhead movements that use full range of motion. For those who usually do wall walks, have them alternate between Wall Walks and Box HSPUs ( Regular Push-ups can be used for anyone who CAN'T go upside down, but for those that regularly scale HSPU to PU in WODs, try and encourage some scale that gets them into the vertical plane.

Workout (10 Minutes):
6 Rounds for Time...
4 Power Clean (185/125)
8 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups

NOTE: Use a 10 MINUTE CAP and explain to everyone that if their first round takes more than 1:30 they will probably miss that cap and they should reduce load and/or alter CTBs. Allow for 5 Minutes to warm up to heavy Power Clean that is about 75% of 1RM.

Light Clean, Jumping Pull-ups or Jumping CTB Pull-ups

NOTE: For those doing the CF Open in the Scaled division encourage the Jumping CTB Pull-up with bar 6 inches between head and bar as this is the scale they used for Bar Muscle-ups last year.