(Long Metcon)

Movement Prep:
2 Min Banded Ankles
2 Min T-Spine w/Ball or Roller and PVC

2 Rounds of
1 Minute Jump Rope
10 See Saw Steps
15 Wall-balls
20 Walking Lunges
250m Row


8 Minutes to build to FS weight and BJ height for workout
NOTE: If athletes attended Monday class they can go with 65% of that 1 RM. Scale so that at least round 1 and 2 are unbroken on the Front Squats. Remind folks that if they record numbers in ZP they would be able to better target weights for these workouts - show them all how to log a score on your phone!

5 Three Minute Rounds Of...
10 Front Squats (185/125 or 65% of 1RM)
10 Box Jumps (36/28)
Row for max calories

Rest 3 minutes between rounds
Main Site Workout 1/31/17

NOTE: With a larger class you will need to share rowers so you can start 1/2 class at 0 Minutes and other 1/2 at 3 Minutes. With a very busy class you can use Ski Ergs.


Lighter Goblet Squat and low box