(Mobility/Other Skill/Medium Metcon)

Movement Prep:
Wrist Series

NOTE: Use abbreviated version of the series that just works the first four stretches

2:45 to 4:30: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5TOvCJuGZoY

2 Rounds of...
2 Inchworm Complex
4 Side Plank with Reach (each side)
6 See Saw Step
8 Push-ups
10 Air Squats
200m Run, Row or Ski
Barbell Warm-up #1

Handstand Holds
NOTE: Review hollow position and note that the Handstand uses a "neutral" hollow position where we create tension on both sides of the body to create straight lines. Set a timer for 6 Minutes and have folks do 6 sessions of some handstand variation. Scale with wall planks and wall walks. Advanced athletes should work on freestanding handstands. Encourage wall-walkers to work on entry into back-to-wall handstand - watch video: 


"Tabata Barbell"

Tabata Deadlift (185/125)
Tabata Hang Power Clean (135/95)
Tabata Front Squat (85/60)
Tabata Push Press (65/45)

1 Min Rest Between Movements

Score total reps

Main Site WOD 2/18/17

Light loads and only work for 15 seconds