Short Strength/Partner Metcon

Left side first, then Right
10 Leg swings
5 Leg swing to backward lunge
Sampson stretch 10 sec

2 Rounds...
20 Mountain climbers
10 Push ups
10 Beat (Kip) Swings

2 Rounds...
20 Wall balls
10 Hollow rocks
10 Overhead Squats w/PVC

10 Min EMOTM
Odd Minute: 5 KB Snatch (Each Side)
Even Minute: 5 Ring Push-ups

NOTE: Spend some time working Snatch technique prior to 10 Minutes. Start with One-arm swings. Then add some hand insertion work (punch through handle and pull back during weightless phase at shoulder height). Then do some one arm clean and press, and focus on just the down, kicking elbow forward KB wrapping around outside of forearm and getting smooth with the transition to backswing, into another clean and press. Then try and put it all together for the full Snatch. Beginners can then use Dumbbell Snatch for strength piece.

NOTE: Ring Push-Ups are infinitely scalable so have athletes choose a body angle that is challenging for 5. Have rings set down below knees to start. Strong athletes can elevate feet with 24" box or higher.

10 Rounds with a Partner...
Partner 1: 6 Box Jumps (30/24)
Partner 2: 6 Box Jumps (30/24)
Partner 1: 6 Front Rack Lunges (135/95)
Partner 2: 6 Front Rack Lunges (135/95)
NOTE: All the way through is 1 round. Encourage speed through the movements since there is 50% rest involved. Shooting for 14 to 20 minutes total, so if first round is longer than 2 minutes teams should scale. If time allows let people attempt some progressively higher box jumps to see where a good height will be. 

Low and light