(Mobility/Fun/Gymnastics Skill/Short Metcon)

Movement Prep:
2 Min Hamstring Roll
2 Min Pec Smash w/Lax Ball
NOTE: Hammy roll works best with roller up on box. Pec smash works leaning up against the wall - Have group split into 2

Troy Special

3 Min Dodgeball

6 Min E2MOTM
5-5-5 One-legged Deadlift (each leg) KB or Barbell
6 Min E2MOTM
5-5-5 Power Clean - Build to working weight
NOTE: 1 Legged Deadlifts can start with KB, and anyone who can get heavier than 32kg can transition onto a barbell. Have athletes standing on leg closest to weight.

7 Rounds for time...
5 Power Clean (165/115)
7 Pull-ups
9 Push-ups
NOTE: Clean weight should not be higher than would require breaking up sets in first round - even if athletes choose to do singles.

Light bar, Ring Rows and Box Push-ups