Mobility/Other Skill/Medium Metcon

Movement Prep:
2 Min Rotating Plank
NOTE: 30 Seconds in each position, scale to box if needed

"Med Ball Medley - Partner Relay"
Complete listed movement with Med Ball while your partner moves across the room and back, then switch

Squat to MB / Walking Lunges
MB Push Press / Boot Scrapers
MB Squat Clean / 2X Foreward/Backward Bear Crawls
Wall Balls / 2X Monkey Crawl
MB Push-Ups / Burpee Broad Jumps
NOTE: Set up teams under rack at Central and back wall at North, where over and back would be from rack to front wall to rack.

Double Under Progression
NOTE: The following is a really nice sequence Gary uses:


10 Minutes:

Basic Bounce: No rope. Feet together. Hollow body (butt on, core tight). Shoulders down and back. Shoulders, arms and wrists relaxed. Elbows close to the body. Hands down slightly in front of body palms facing forward. Start with feet flat, establish proper body position shift to balls of the feet jump without breaking position. Let hands and wrists bounce with body movement.

Single Unders: Pick up rope for single unders. Nothing should change from above. Maintain good body position, keep arms relaxed use wrists to move the rope.

Fast singles: Increase speed of rope focus on staying loose through the shoulders and arms using the wrists as much as possible.

Power Jumps: No rope.Start with basic bounce body position. Jump starts the same on the balls of the feet with each jump bend a little more through the knee and jump a little higher without losing good body position. No donkey kicks or piking. The goal here is to stay in the air longer so that the rope has time to go around twice.

Power Singles: Single unders using the big power jump.

Timing and Rhythm (Flying Penguin): No rope. - Power jumps with thigh slaps. While maintaining good body position do some power jumps. Using your hands slap your thighs twice while airborne. Try to slap your legs using a flick of the wrists as opposed to the whole rigid arm.

Double Unders: Try to put it all together.

18 Min AMRAP
Teams of 3...
Athlete 1: 250m Row
Athlete 2: DB Push-Press (35/25)
Athlete 3: Plank Hold (Front, Side, Back)
Rotate every 250m
Score total Meters + PP Reps
NOTE: For teams of 2 you can do 500m Row and have athlete 2 switch from PP to Plank at the 250m mark.

Light DB and Plank from box