Long Metcon

Virtual "Helen"

3 Rounds for Time

  • 40 Run-in-place/High-Knees/High-Heels/
  • 21 Weightless KB Swings
  • 12 Pull Ups with PVC

NOTE: This takes 4 to 5 Minutes. 40 reps are counting L and R as 1. KB Swings are fists connected at thumbs. Pull-ups are PVC pipe pulled from overhead to chest. Rotate through the three running variations over the 3 rounds.

Burgener Warm-up
Barbell Warm-up #1

Set-up and perform 5 reps of each movement (2 for Snatch & M.U.)

NOTE: Use this time to check in with beginner athletes and make scaling suggestions. Make sure every one who is not doing full Ring M.Us understands the Row/Transition/Dip scale and is working on the way up AND on the way down for those.

For time...
50 Wall-Balls (20/14 @ 10')
50 Double-Unders
40 Box Jumps (24/20)
40 Toes-to-Bars
30 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups
30 Burpees
20 Power Cleans (145/100)
20 Push Jerks (145/100)
10 Power Snatches (145/100)
10 Muscle-Ups

35 Min Cap

NOTE: This is a "For Time" variation of the Bergeron Open Test, which we have done before and is the same workout but set as a 20 Min AMRAP. With 35 minutes we should have no problem getting everyone to finish this.

150 Singles, Light barbell, Jumping CTB, Row/Transition/Dip for M.U.