(Mobility/Short Strength/Medium Metcon)

Scap Series

  • Band pull apart x 10 reps
  • band pull downs x 10 reps
  • band pass through (back half only) x 10 reps
  • Whippet x 10 reps
  • Reverse Bear Crawl Touches x 10 reps*
  • hanging shrug w/ 2 second pause in active position x 10 reps

2 Rounds of...
20 Jumping Jacks
20 Lunge Forward, Lunge Backward
20 Air Squats Building to Squat Jumps
20 Mountain Climbers
2 Inch Worm Complex

Partner Tabata Row
(For Max Calories)

NOTE: Start Rowing monitors at zero with one partner on the machine.  Partner 1 Rows for the first 20 seconds of an 8 round tabata.  At the 10 sec rest, that's where Partners transition and Partner 2 gets on.  Through the 8 rounds (each athlete will row 4 times) the goal is to accumulate as many calories as possible.

   2 Min Row for Cals
   26 Power Cleans (175/125)
   Max Push Ups

3 Min Rest

   2 Min Row for Cals
   26 Front Squats (175/125)
   Max Ring Rows

NOTE: Weights for this workout should be set somewhat challenging.  I'd like see the athletes choose a weight that gets them through the power cleans/front squats with 2 Min or less for the push ups/ring rows.

NOTE: If you have more athletes than rowing machines, there can be a 3 minute delay for a second group to proceed through the workout without an overlap.  If need be, use Ski Erg or Bike.

KB Power Cleans
KB Goblet Squats