(Mobility/Long Strength/Short Metcon)

Movement Prep: (5 Mins)
3 Rounds...
5 Hanging Shrugs
5 Wall Squats

Warm Up: (15 Mins - 3 min set up; 12 min work clock)
repeat the following sequence for 12 minutes:
12 KB around the world (6 reps each direction)
12 Standing Teapot w/ KB (6 reps each side)
6 Goblet squat w/ 3 second pause
12 Alternating plank reaches (6 each side, alternating)
6 Spiderman Steps (3 each side, alternating)
12 Single leg deadlift (6 left, then 6 right)
12 single arm KB push press (6 on each arm)

Strength: (30 Mins - 10 min set/warm up 20 min work clock)
Squat Clean Thrusters
6 - 6 - 6 - 6 - 6 - 6
1:00 Rest between Sets

NOTE:  Athletes should start off with a solid warm up of the movement and then build to a weight they feel challenged to work with over the 6 sets as 1:00 won't give them much time to adjust weights.  Tap and Go is not necessary, but continuous effort at a heavy weight.  This strength piece has a STAMINA focus to it.  Athletes will be in charge of their own 1:00 Rest periods.  I would encourage the work portion not to move past the 2 min mark.  Saying that, I'd set a 20 minute clock just so people don't feel rushed but they know they have a cap.

Conditioning: (10 Min (4 min set/warm up; 6 min work clock)

Even: Max Rep KB Swings
Odd: Max Rep Strict Pull Ups

Russian Swings
Banded or Jumping Pull Ups