(Mobility/Other Skill/Medium Metcon)

Movement Prep: (5 MIN)
1:00 Bow and Arrow - R
10 Hanging Shrugs / Pass Throughs
1:00 Bow and Arrow - L
10 Hanging Shrugs / Pass Throughs

Warm-up: (15 MIN)
400 Meter Goose Run - Better name for Indian Run (Athletes running in a single file line while the last person in line sprints to the front, which is repeated for the duration of the exercise. If you have some athletes that prefer to Row/Ski, they can take turns sprinting for 5 strokes then returning to a moderate intensity)

2 Rounds:
10 Hollow Rocks
10 Supermans
10 Air Squats
3 Wall Walks

Then, Run/Row/Ski 400 Meters

Skill: (15 MIN)
Kipping - Applying Tension - Finding POWER with global extension and flexion - Avoiding flexion and extension at local areas of the spine (cervical, thoracic, or lubar) = LOSS of Power.

NOTE:  This is an INTRODUCTION to the very basics of the kipping movement.  The Kip is a useful technique to use in many of our gymnastics movements.  We will work a progression today that some athletes will accomplish all the way through, but many of our athletes will be stopped at some point in the progression because of strength, mobility, or stamina limitations.  Please help athletes understand where they should stop in the progression and continue to work.  The reason it's just a skill piece and we are not using the kip additionally in the workout is to not over tax those muscles.

2 Sets of 3 - Beat Swing Holds - Hollow Body/Pause/Arch/Pause

Depending on the athletes strength, this is conducted with feet off the ground or feet touching the floor at the tippy toe.  We are working to teach the FEELING of the arch in that hanging position.  Placing a pull up band around the athlete's chest and holding the length of the band behind them during this static work.  If the athlete is able to work with feet off the ground, their work is in the control.

2 Sets of 6 - Beat Swings - Hollow Body/Arch

This is completed with feet off the ground.  Movement is initiated from the chest/shoulders.  Big movement happens at the chest and small movement happens down by the feet.  No pause happens between both positions.

2 Sets of 3 - Beat Swing Release - Hollow Body/Arch with Hand Release

When enough POWER is generated, the feeling of weightlessness is enough to allow a slight release of the hands from the bar.

2 Sets of 3 - Beat Swing with Hip Lift - (on Static Bar or Dynamic Rings)

(FEW ATHLETES WILL GET TO THIS!) This piece would be specific to accomplishing the Ring or Bar Muscle Up.  With Arms Straight, the Beat Swing is large enough that the Hips are able to move well beyond the shoulders and much more POWER is generated.  Athletes that want to practice this want to kip big enough until their body is PARALLEL to bar/rings and only then, in that moment of weightlessness pull with the arms - NOT SOONER than PARALLEL!

Videos to assist coaching:
Tension to Kip
Kip at the Bar
Kip on the Rings

Movement Prep: (10 MIN)
Burgener Warm Up

5 Reps of each...(with PVC)
Down and up
Elbows high and outside
Muscle snatch
Snatch land
Snatch drop
Hang power snatch

Warm Up #2

5 Reps of each...(with Barbell)
Snatch Grip Deadlift
Hang Snatch Pull (top of knee to triple extension - no arm bend)
High Hang Muscle Snatch - hip to overhead
Overhead Squats
Behind the neck Snatch Grip Push Press

STRICT Handstand Push Up Variations

Pike Push Up
Knees on Box
Toes on Box

Workout: (15 MIN)
10 - 8 - 6 - 4 - 2
Snatches (135/95)
Strict HSPU

Hang Power Snatch
Push Ups