(Mobility/Long Strength/Short Metcon)

Movement Prep: (5 Min)
Done on the floor, sets of 10 each with 2 sec pause

Warm Up: (15 Min)
10 * 8 * 6 * 4 *

Goblet Squat
Hanging Shrugs
Plank Shoulder Taps (each side)
Russian Lunges

*200m Run/Row/Ski after each movement

Strength: (15 Min)
4 Rounds Alternating with a Partner
:30 Max Rep Push Up
Max Time L-Sit Hold

NOTE: Pair Athletes up. One person works at a time.  The other watches the clock.  Athletes can choose to begin with a hard set of Push Ups and work to an easier set up.  The Push Up can be scaled harder by elevating the feet with a long body.  Use L-Sit Hold Modification if needed.  They can also be done hanging or between 2 boxes.

3 Rounds for Max Reps.
:45 Tire Flips / :15 Rest
:45 5m Lateral Sprint / :15 Rest
:45 DB Strict Press (2x35/2x25) / :15 Rest
:45 Suitcase Dead Lift (2x24/2x16) / :15 Rest
:45 Overhead Walking Lunge (45/25) / :15 Rest

1:00 Rest after each Round

Stay light