(Short Strength/Partner Metcon)

3 Rounds...
45 Sec Row / 15 Rest
45 Sec Jumping Jacks / 15 Sec Rest
45 Sec Ski / 15 Rest
45 Sec Russian KB Swings / 15 Sec Rest

Team Push Up Waterfall
4 Rounds of...
1 Min WORK / 1 Min Rest

Teams of 4 will hold Plank Position and in a waterfall style complete Max Rep Push Ups over 4 Rounds

Partner WOD For Time.

Complete 60 Bumper Plate Bear Hug Lunges (45/25)
while Partner Holds Bumper Plate Overhead, then Switch

Complete 50 Wallballs (20/14 to 10')
while Partner Hangs while holding Medball, then Switch

Complete 40 Cal Row
while Partner Holds in Double KB Rack Position (24s/16s), then switch

Complete 30 Suitcase Alternating Lunges (24/16)
while Partner Holds at the Bottom of a Goblet Squat (24/16), then switch

Complete 2 Rounds at Half Reps