(Mobility/Oly Skill/Oly Strength)

Shoulder Series

2 Rounds of...
15 Sec. Sampson Stretch (each side)
10 PVC Overhead Squat
10 Good Mornings
10 Sit-ups
10 Push-ups
10 Ring Rows

5-5-5 Tall Snatch
NOTE: Start this progression with a PVC pipe and then use unloaded bars for 5s - or even remain with PVC. For folks with inability to get even close to full squat, use Split Snatch for landing position. Note that you start at full extension of knee and hip and shrug under. No momentum should be going up so stay light. An option for advanced athletes is they can start at triple extension on balls of feet.

15 Min EMOTM
Hang Squat Snatch

Increase Weight As You Go
NOTE: This is not a recipe for 1 RM so do not add weight fast. Discuss high and low hang positions and either is an option, but do not allow low hang to happen with knees forward (common mistake). 

Partner WOD

1000m Ski / Row
100 Wall Balls (30/20)
EMOTM 3 Synchronized Burpees
Swap Movements Every Minute
NOTE: Both athletes are working at the same time

Scaling: 750 meters, light ball and 2 burpees