(Long Metcon)

Warm-up: (10 min)
Virtual Helen
3 Rounds for Time
40 Run-in-place/High-Knees/High-Heels/
21 Weightless KB Swings (lock thumbs together using imaginary KB)
12 Pull Ups with PVC

Workout: (40 mins)
Deck of Cards (At 3,2,1 Go - Trainer begins to go through the deck one card at a time.Each card athletes will complete the reps and movements displayed on the card, you can wait til the majority of athletes are through those reps to then draw the next card. Continue til the entire deck has been drawn. Aces are 11, Face cards are 10 Jokers are 30 sec Full Rest!)

Hearts: DB Snatch
Spades: HSPU
Diamonds: Sit Ups
Clubs: KB Swings

Light DB
Push Up
Sit Up
Russian Swing