(Mobility/Fun/Gymnastics Skill/Short Metcon)

Movement Prep:
3 Rounds...
20 Sec. Passive Hang
10 Sec. Rest
20 Sec. Scap Push-ups
10 Sec. Rest

2 Rounds of
1 Minute Jump Rope
10 See Saw Steps
15 Wall-balls
20 Walking Lunges
250m Row

5 Min Sled Drag Relay

NOTE: Have groups broken up by pulling power with teams of 3 or 4 optimal. Each athlete pulls in one direction. Load sleds according to team composition - 45lb for lightweights and 90 for heavyweights. To spice it up you can add some 10lb plates during the 5 min.

Ring Muscle-up
10 Min EMOTM
Working on 'em: Leg Assisted, Jumping
Have 'em: 1, 2 or 3 Muscle-ups

NOTE: Go over the leg assisted technique, with the false-grip row-transtion-dip sequence. Emphasize working on the way up AND down. For those with solid dips thay can go to a jumping muscle-up. Athletes with Muscle ups can do full muscle ups. Intoduce options. run a 10 minute clock and have folks do 1, 2 or 3 of their version each minute

Tabata - 4 Rounds of each movement then move on
Deadlifts (155/105)
Deadlifts (155/105)

NOTE: This is 4 rounds of tabata on Sit-ups and then 4 for deadlifts, and then again. Total of 8 Minutes. Athletes should be working in the 40-50% of 1 RM Range for deads.

Stay light