(Mobility/Short Strength/Medium Metcon)

Mobility: (5 Min)
Sampson Stretch Complex

Warm-up: (10 MIn)
1 Round of KB Warm Up - R
200m Run
1 Round of KB Warm Up - L
200m Run

KB Warm Up =
5 Press
5 Punch and Crunch
5 Half Ups

Strength: (10 Min)
Bulgarian Split Squat
10 Min E2MOTM
12 - 12 - 12 - 12 - 12 (6 Reps Each Side)

6 Reps Each Side

NOTE: these are super effective just at bodyweight. IF athletes want to weight them they can do so by holding DB/KBs in the suitcase style a single in a Goblet or with a BB in Front Rack

5 Rounds For Time
1 Round = a Set on Each Side

4 One Arm Russian KB Swing (32/24)
3 One Arm KB Snatch
2 One Arm KB Push Press
1 One Arm KB OHS

NOTE: The one arm KB Squat is a CHALLENGING MOVEMENT!! Please have athlete use caution as their shoulder will want to internally rotate as they descend to the bottom of their squat. Make them fight to not have this happen. Decrease weight or change the movement to a front rack one arm squat if needed. They can work shoulder strength in external rotation outside of this workout.

Stay Light
DB Snatch
DB Push Press
Front Rack Squat