(Short Strength/Partner Metcon)

Warm-up: (20 Minutes w/Circle Mobiity)
3 Rounds of Rowling

Strength/Skill: (12 Minutes)
8 Min E2MOTM
5 Double DB Shoulder-to-Overhead

NOTE: People can go over 110 lbs with KBs if needed. Use 80% of their heaviest number for workout

Conditioning: (25 Minutes)
Teams of 3
5 Rounds for Time
Athlete 1: 30/20 Cal Row
Athlete 2: 1 Round of Dumbbell "DT" (2 x 50/35)
Athlete 3: Rest

25 Min. Cap

"DT" = 12 Deadlift, 9 Hang Power Clean, 6 Shoulder-to-Overhead

NOTE: For Deadlift, larger DBs can get tipped forward and tapped on ground. Smaller DBs should just be lowered to mid-shin. Hang cleans just the hands need to stay above knee. Weights chosen should promote unbroken rounds. If first round takes them more than 5 Minutes they should scale calories on the row, and/or drop DB weight.

Light DBs, 16/24 Cal Row

Teams of 2