(Mobility/Strength/Medium Metcon)

Mobility: (8 Min)
3 Rounds of Tabata
Dead Bug (Home, Contralateral, Ipsilateral)
Side Plank w/Reach (R)
Side Plank w/Reach (L)

NOTE: First round hit DB Home, second do CL, third do IL

Warm-up: (12 Min)
2X Sampson Complex
25 Stationary lunges
20 Air squats building to jumping squats
15 Hanging Shrugs
10 Burpees
5 Inchworms
3 x 10m Partner Banded Broad Jumps

Strength: (15 Min)
10 Min EMOTM
5-5-5-5-5 Shoulder Press

NOTE: Proper warm-up with 2 rounds should get people to an opening heavy 5 rep with small increases from there. Remember to break out the fractional plates for these as 5 pounds can make or break a shoulder press.

Conditioning: (25 Min)
5 Rounds for time
6 Hang Power Clean (165/110)
9 CTB Pull-ups
12 Jumping Lunges

15 Min Cap
NOTE: Allow for plenty of Clean warm-up to be able to get heavy enough for 6 hard, but unbroken reps.

Scaling: Light, Jumping Pull-ups, Regular Lunges