(Mobility/Strength/Short Metcon)

Movement Prep: (5 Min)
2 Rounds
1 Min Pole Squats
30 Sec. Passive Hang
10 Scap Push-ups

Warm-up: (10 Min)
2 Rounds of
5 Burpees
10 See Saw Steps
15 Wall-balls
20 Walking Lunges
200m Row

Strength: (25 Min)
14 Min. E2MOTM
2-2-2-2-2-2-2 Back Squat

NOTE: Allow for a couple of rounds of warm-ups so folks can build to 80% of 1 RM and then go small steady increases from there to about 95% of 1 RM

Conditioning: (20 Min)
10 Min AMRAP
5 Hang Squat Clean Thrusters (115/80)
5 Strict Pull-ups

NOTE: Have folks scale bar for unbroken reps on SC Thruster all the way through. Pull-ups should be unbroken to start, and will likely need to get broken by middle of WOD.

Light bar and banded or leg-assisted pull-ups