(Mobility/Other Skill/Medium Metcon)

Movement Prep: 5 Min
2 Min Bow & Arrow Stretch
2 Min Pole Squat

Warm-up: 10 Min
Med Ball Partner Relay...
Squat to MB / Boot Scrapers
MB Push Press / Walking Lunges
MB Squat Clean / 2X Forward/Backward Bear Crawls
Wall Balls / 2X Monkey Crawl
MB Push-Ups / Burpee Broad Jumps

Skill: 25 Min
14 Min EMOTM - Work Your Weakness
Odd Minute: Choose a Gymnastics movement
Even Minute: Choose a Barbell movement
Work with your trainer to establish a rep scheme

NOTE: Extra time here is for meeting with athletes and setup. Expect to coach athletes towards a good rep scheme or skill that athletes can focus on Barbell movements should focus on technique not strength so light weights.

Conditioning: 20 Min
"Heavy Fran"
Thrusters (135/95)
Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups

Scaling: Lighter Load, Jumping Chest-to-Bar

Note: Load should be heavier than normal but not reduce the athlete to single reps. Shoot for 3-5 sets per round.