(Mobility/Short Strength/Medium Metcon)

Movement Prep: 5 Min
2 Min Lax Tricep Smash
2 Min PVC Rack Stretch

Warm-up: 10 Min
2 Sampson Complex
25 Stationary Lunges
20 Air squats to Jumping Squats
15 Hanging Shrugs
10 Burpees
5 Inchworms

Strength: 10 Min
Note: STAY LIGHT! This could be a challenging position for some athletes just to sit in. Athletes can sit on a bumper plate to elevate the hips if needed. Focus here is on core stability and keeping neutral spine. https://youtu.be/fReC_7JVwpE

Conditioning: 25 Min

Barbell Warm-up #1

5 Rounds For Time
3 Hang Clean(135/95)
6 Push Jerk
9 Touch and Go Squat Cleans

3 Burpees between rounds and if bar is dropped before all 18 reps are completed.

Note: Once the bar is picked up it can only touch the ground during the T&G Squat Cleans, 3 Burpees penalty otherwise.

Scaling: Light Load